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How to Assemble

Our SoftFrames and Headboards arrive meticulously folded into a box and weighs no more than 35 pounds. Simply take out your newest SoftFrame piece, and remove it from its plastic wrapping. With your box spring on the floor, place the frame over and around the box spring, then place your mattress on top! The frame can be assembled within five minutes by one person without tools.

Our headboards do not attach to the frames, but they're designed to stay in place, while being easily removable, as needed. Two velcro strips are sewn onto the wall facing side of the headboard, and additional velcro strips are provided to attach to your wall.  

How do I wash or clean my SoftFrame?


  • Vacuum to remove loose dirt.
  • Spot clean stained or soiled sections with a soft cleaning solvent or a water-based detergent.
  • Be sure to spot test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous spot before applying.


  • The slip cover is removable and washable so that it's easy to keep things fresh. For best results, wash cold and hang dry, or dry clean as needed.

  Pillow Cases

  • Spot clean with a water-based detergent. Be sure to spot the test in an inconspicuous spot before applying.  
  • Wash cold and air dry, or dry clean as needed.  

Is SoftFrame furniture good if you have kids and pets?

SoftFrames are great for families of all sizes and especially those with children and pets! Our furnitures 100% soft surfaces will give parents a better nights sleep knowing that their little ones are safe to play around our frames and headboards.

For customers who allow their pets on the bed with them, our low profile bed is an ideal solution for older dogs with mobility issues, and smaller pets who can’t jump high up!

Vacuum SoftFrame to keep it looking its best.

Where do you ship to?

We offer free shipping throughout the contiguous United States. Additional shipping fees may apply for orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.

About Our Products

What are SoftFrames made of?

The SoftFrames frames and headboards are made from non toxic foam and premium upholstery fabric. The foam used is 100% polyurethane, made in California. It is the same type of foam that is used to make mattresses, sofas, baby car seats, and contains no additives. We offer 12 luxurious fabrics to choose from, all of which are sourced in Los Angeles.

How do Headboards work with SoftFrames?

The SoftFrame headboard is a free standing piece that effortlessly rests between the wall and SoftFrame. Unlike any headboard you'll find on the market - it is 100% fully cushioned - no wood, or hard surfaces!

The cover is sewn with a hidden zipper so that it can be easily removed for cleaning, and includes velcro strips on the wall side panel, should you like to secure it to the wall.

SoftFrame Care and Cleaning

Is my SoftFrame machine-washable?

  • Our frame is spot clean only, but our headboard and pillow covers are dry clean friendly.

How do I wash or clean my SoftFrame?

  • For routine upkeep, we recommend light vacuuming and/or brushing your frame and headboards with a non-metallic, stiff-bristle brush. Spot clean stained or soiled sections with a soft cleaning solvent or a water-based detergent.

How do I dry the SoftFrame?

  • Air dry only.

How do The SoftFrames Ship? 

SoftFrames and headboards ship free* in boxes designed to fit upstairs and through hallways - although able to be carried by one person, it’s truly a breeze with two.

The Ultra and Headboards (all sizes)

  • All sizes shipped in a 41" x 23" x 20" box that weighs 35 pounds (max)

The Classic and Lunas

  • All sizes shipped in a 42" x 22" x 10" box that weighs 25 pounds (max)

Round Bolster Pillows

  • Twin, Full and Queen are shipped in a 29" x 17" x 9" box
  • King and Cali King are shipped in a 35" x 19" x 9" box

Wedge Pillows

  • Twins are shipped in a 35" x 19" x 9" box
  • Full and Queen are shipped in a 29" x 17" x 15" box
  • King and Cali King are shipped in a 35" x 19" x 15" box


About Your Order

When will my order arrive?

  • As all products are made to order, our production time frame is 15 business days.

How do I track my order?

  • As soon as your order is ready to be shipped, you will be sent a tracking number to the email used to place the order, with all information.

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We offer a 14 day return window, once your package, and SoftFrame items have been received. Returns and exchanges are applicable on only certain items, please reference the items description for specific information.

For more information please view our Returns and Exchanges page here.

Does SoftFrame offer exchanges?

We offer exchanges on The Classic and Luna frames, as well as any twin sized accessory; i.e. slipcovers, bolsters, and wedges.

How do I return or exchange a SoftFrame product?

For eligible products, please contact to proceed with your return or exchange.

Can I return custom items?

Custom items are final sale- non-exchangeable and can not be returned.


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